Peter HönnemannPeter HönnemannPeter Hönnemann

DANCE — It’s all a matter of flow, there is no mistake, no delay, no derailment, because what really matters is the way you do it: how is your vibe, how is your pulse, how do you move? If you force it, whatever was meant to happen does not happen, it lacks spontaneity. To create is to come up with new ways of creating. What could be a bigger challenge?

The passinho dance is funny: it looks like a newborn calf fighting for its life and, at the same time, celebrating and playing around. The interpreters brought to me a burst of creativity and courage. Courage to know that life ends – as it says in Gabriel’s tattoo: “one life, one chance” – and the best thing for us to do is get our body moving hard without fear because then things start to happen. That is what this young and genius chroniclers of everyday life taught me.



Creation: Alice Ripoll
Performers: Tiobil Dançarino Brabo, Kinho JP, VN Dançarino Brabo, Nyandra Fernandes, May Eassy, Rômulo Galvão, Sanderson Rei da Quebradeira, Thamires Candida, GB Dançarino Brabo, Ronald Sheick
Director's assistant and sound technician: Alan Ferreira
Light design: Andréa Capella
Costumes: Paula Stroher
Funk musical direction: Dj Vinimax
Design: Daniel Kucera
Production: Rafael Fernandes
Support: Em Branco Acervo Contemporâneo
Coproduction: Festival Panorama 2014 / Cariocas na Cidade das Artes