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DANCE/THEATER/PERFORMANCE — One loves techno music and potty humour; another is into ballet and writing love songs; the third one likes to observe the world through a lens and is secretly a proper beatboxer.

In Common Ground, choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle and dancers Kobe Wyffels and Hannah Bekemans are in pursuit of a universal language. The worlds in which each of these three dancers live could not be further apart. If not for this production, they probably would never have met. Yet there is one love they all share: the love for dance. To them, movement is a way to express themselves, to reach out to each other, to raise questions, or simply to enjoy the energy and emotional strength of a dancing body. 



Creation: Benjamin Vandewalle
By and with: Benjamin Vandewalle, Kobe Wyffels, Hannah Bekemans
Music composition: Fulco Ottervanger
Music performed by: Fulco Ottervanger / Christian Mendoza
Costume design: Sofie Durnez
Lighting Design: Marlies Jacques
Technique: Geert Vanoorlé, Ferre Carron / Bram Lievens
Dramaturgy: Charlotte De Somviele
Production: Platform-K & Vooruit
Support: Konekt, Lucky Trimmer, Stad Gent, Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen & Vlaamse Overheid