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PERFORMANCE — Sylphs are unearthly beings, a figment of the imagination of human beings and psychics caught between worlds (mainly between that of the dead and the living, but also that of fantasy and reality, of what is possible and what is not…).

As it became a literary and choreographic craze respectively in the 18th and 19th century, the sylph figure still appears nowadays as a key and a major riddle in our imagination. As they question how material the body and afterlife are, as well as our relationship with the dead and their earthly bodies, the sylphs cast doubt on some great invariant aspects of Western thinking: dualism, linear time, rationalism…
Half way between funeral rite and amphidromy (birth celebration), "Sylphides" looks set to be a literal reincarnation attempt. Through an approach that makes it possible to experience suspension of the vital functions, we intend to access a new understanding of our bodies and their potential annihilations and rebirths. 

Under the silvery lighting, chests expanded and contracted as the performers took shallow breaths through straws built into the bags. It mattered little that you weren’t actually inside; watching was enough to induce a panic attack. It was fantastic. (New York Times)