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DANCE — Six bodies gathered together through slings and pulleys to re-­enact the tragic myth of Castor and Pollux.

The two twin brothers, born from different fathers (Pollux is the son of immortal Zeus, while Castor is the son of mortal Tyndareus, king of Sparta), embody both the unfailing strength of brotherly friendship which ties them together, and the tragic inequality of birth which separates them. Despite their spirited heroism, Castor is killed by a rival, leaving Pollux, the immortal, distraught. Zeus offers them an alternated existence between Olympus and Hades, which puts an end to the imbalance of their conditions, but separates them forever. Subsequent legends turn them into the Gemini constellation. Torn between power and extreme vulnerability, the two hanging bodies experience the limits of their situation, from inertia to maximum strength, from heroism to submissiveness, whereas the four manipulators, involved in a complex choreography, play in turn the part of fate, conniving god, doom or bearer of funeral shadows.