PERFORMANCE — « Biofiction » is a rare love story between many. Situated within an inquiry into vibrant matter, a choreographic poem emerges that is both careful and utterly libidinal. Gathering the remains of the previous two works in «The Biofiction Trilogy», the pink flesh placeholder, the wood and crafting tools, the rope, the natural and artificial entanglement of fluids - «Biofiction» creates a new horizontal terrain that renders a plurality of agencies without ontological hierarchy.

We see stereotypes and prototypes, we recognise then delight in mis-recognition, we may even laugh despite ourselves. Understanding «Biofiction» in terms of a narrative of sexuality that does not yet exist sustains curiosity. Defying conventions or identification renders this choreographic work as a continuous world-building practice. Is this movement research, music or fun post-porn practice? Beyond the associations, it brings the bodies and companion materials in conversation to know no difference between being excited, being exciting and being excited-with.



Performance by: Simone Aughterlony, Jen Rosenblit, Hahn Rowe
Concept by: Simone Aughterlony
Live Music by: Hahn Rowe
Dramaturgical advice: Saša Bozic, Jorge León
Costume: Judith Steinmann
Light Design: Florian Bach

Full credits