© Hahn Rowe

«Remaining Strangers» is the final work in a series that reflects on the notion of the ‘stranger’. The different performances attempt to build imaginative and viable strate-gies for affective relations with others that can hold estrangement, strangeness and intimacy beyond assimilating or consuming the other. In «Remaining Strangers» we acknowledge the strangeness inherent in every individual, the stranger within and the emancipatory possibility of always remaining curious of the other. A commitment to remaining strangers fosters relations that are durable: the other can never be fully known, our knowledge of the other is never finished.

Two performers are positioned amongst the spectators. Accessing a source on the ground, including wigs, shoes, etc. .. they (un)dress and amplify the chameleon-like quality of the self and the interchangeability of the host/guest relation. Like the chameleon, we hold various identities and a spectrum of perspectives in one body. These are interchangeable depending on the situation or the relation with the other. 

Mirrored in our reality of advanced climate change and diminishing resources, is a depleted terrain where a methodology of recycling and re-tapping is perpetuated. Again, like the chameleon, we can and must adapt to the climactic changes which don’t allow us to continue in the bubble of capitalist one-upmanship. Everyone loses. So what does it mean to be in the same predicament, despite the differences and unequal privileges?


The performers monologues, which take verbal, physical and even dramaturgical appearance, run side by side and are continuously broken apart and reconfigured by the appeal of the spectators. By proposing hypothetical situations that reflect our socio-political sphere and that arise in the reception of the stranger, others have to respond. People have to get involved. The work lingers in a continuous sympoetic relation with the spectators, understanding that nothing can be made or destroyed by itself. It asks for a continuously shifting attention span, one that allows for new propositions to take the space of what we once held as nameable and visible identity politics.
«Remaining Strangers» asks how to live and love in the same world, face up to the same stakes and to perceive a terrain that can be explored in concert.



Performance & Creation: Jen Rosenblit, Gary Wilmes
Concept & Direction: Simone Aughterlony
Music: Hahn Rowe
Dramaturgical Advices: Saša Božic, Jorge León, Felipe Ribeiro
Set-Designer: Thibault van Craenenbroeck
Costume Designer: Nathalie Pallandre, Thibault van Craenenbroeck
Mask Design: Nagi Gianni
Light Design: Joseph Wegmann
Technical Director: Marie Prédour
Production: Sina Kießling
Distribution: ART HAPPENS

Production: Verein für allgemeines Wohl
Coproduction: HAU Hebbel am Ufer; Berlin - Arsenic Centre d’art scénique contemporain, Lausanne - Gessnerallee, Zurich
Supported by: City of Zurich, Canton of Zurich Fachstelle Kultur and Pro Helvetia - Swiss Cultural Foundation, Migros Kulturprozent, Interpreten Foundation, Anne Marie Schindler Foundation, NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ Coproduction
Fund for Dance, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media