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PERFORMANCE — With Affordable Solution for Better Living, visual artist Théo Mercier and choreographer Steven Michel want to break the taboo of a civilization that is restricted by its well-doing. In a spotless and untainted room, a Kallax, the beacon of furniture giant Ikea, will tower in the middle. The Kallax is slightly less famous than the Billy, but actually more impressive and elegant and it is the perfect example of the ‘suited for everyone’ trend.

Whilst transforming this commercial system into a choreography, the two artists want to question the issues of standardized bodies, fixed paths, and the illusions of freedom disseminated by corporate powers. How does this company exhibit the consumer’s body? Is the familiar home environment really a place not submitted to these bigger powers? Or is it staged by a multinational, like so many public spaces?

In three acts, Affordable Solution for Better Living, deconstructs this economic model and explains the certainties and the defects of an almost perfect human being. As half centaur, half man, half furniture, he does his interior decorating, which to him is very unique, but absurdly enough, very similar to everyone else’s. 


In all beauty – like crescendo – man and space become a whole. The world, civilized, in harmony, but sometimes cold, bursts and twists and while doing so reveals its darker side as well as its human side. And what if, by being too eager to decorate the interior, one destroys his own interiority?


(only French)


Concept, choreography and scenography: Théo Mercier and Steven Michel
Performance: Steven Michel
Music: Pierre Desprats
Text & Voice-over: Jonathan Drillet
Production: CDN Nanterre-Amandiers, apap - Performing Europe 2020 - with the support of Programme Culture de l’Union Européenne
Coproduction: Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy 

ART HAPPENS and Nanterre-Amandiers are working together on the touring of Affordable Solution for Better Living and La Fille du Collectionneur of Théo Mercier.