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PERFORMANCE — In the memory of each viewer, an artwork becomes fluid and changeable. Details are magnified, vital parts disappear, and the memory creates its own fragmentary and inward-looking pictures. Out of the movement contained in each work, and its counterpoint in the viewer's memory, this performance seeks tot create a new way of viewing art.

Real subjects, memories, details, reassembly and disassembly all combined to make what is interior become visible and empirical; and the imaginary is brought into the light of day. Between the black box of the theater and the white box of the museum, between the certainty of the real and the missteps of memory, there appears a mental space where chaos and multiplicity will either find meaning or tear themselves to pieces. 

The scenography is conceived as an array of meaningful spaces, yet free of narrative lines. This mobile picture-frame is the venue for a promenade - some corners already inhabited, others still under construction. 

La Fille du Collectionneur is a live model, just as the performer, Marlène Saldana. Her body is the starting point for this viewing, although we do not really know whether she is the primary subject of the painting, or if she will disappear, or even become its first viewer. The other performers engage in this scenographic piece, each of them at varying degrees from reality.


The fusion of roles (model, artist, viewer, critic) and the different ways an artwork can be grasped (project, creation, finished oeuvre, a memory) is presented here as a game taking the viewer out of the frontal encounter and introducting a sense of 'before and after' to the very heart of the work.

It is like putting the studio of the artist out into the open, sharing the pleasure, the joy, of what exists before being exposed to the public. 

Creation: Théo Mercier
Théo Mercier, Arthur Hoffner
Performance: François Chaignaud, Jonathan Drillet, Harris Gkekas, Angela Laurier, Marlène Saldana
Music: Laurent Durupt
Set building: Atelier décor, Nanterre-Amandiers
Coproduction: La Ménagerie de verre, Paris, Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy