Moon Saris

Rita Hoofwijk graduated in directing from Toneelacademie Maastricht in 2016. Hoofwijk works on the basis of great interest in the meeting between audience and performer, and between members of the audience.

In her work, she problematizes the comfortable position of the spectator in an attempt to create a moment of stillness in the routine of our everyday actions and thought patterns.

Hoofwijk focuses on the experience and gaze of the viewer, teasing out the right balance between comfortable anonymity and the necessity of a conscious presence during a performance.

When you attend a performance, you enter into an unconscious agreement between the audience and the maker to engage with one another in order to experience something. Hoofwijk seeks to translate this tension to the public space; the ideal place to question our everyday reality.

Rita Hoofwijk is supported by Stichting SoAP, Maastricht