TAAT (Theatre as Architecture Architecture as Theatre) is a transdisciplinary collective working at the intersection of theatre, architecture, visual art and performance. In their projects, they investigate the performative potential of architecture and the spatial aspects of theatre, making no distinction in this between spectators and actors.

TAAT generate meetings, dialogue and co-creation using architectural installations as their tools. Their hands-on way of working puts the here-and-now experience centre stage, always including an element of co-creation. This is expressed in intelligent co-productions within a broad social context.

TAAT is building a position as a leading organisation in the field of architectural dramaturgy. In cooperation with theatre-makers, architects and a range of educational bodies, they lead the way in deepening concrete subject matter. Alongside their various artistic projects, TAAT also run an extensive workshop programme and often provide guest lectures at international symposia and universities.

TAAT is supported by Stichting SoAP, Maastricht