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Since September 2018 ART HAPPENS resides at Vooruit (Ghent). During this collaboration, we'll support them by informing international performing arts professionals on what's going on in Vooruit.


20 FEB - 2 MAR 2019

During the last two weeks of February (Wednesday 20th February until Saturday 2nd March) Vooruit, NTGent, CAMPO, Gouvernement, Black Speaks Back and the Africa Platform of the Ghent University and Africalia join forces for a multi-disciplinary festival. For this they set up an international festival that aims to explore global questions of colonisation and decolonisation, identity and geopolitical economics. Taking this collaboration as a starting point these institutions present a new sequel of last year's JUST A GOOD PROGRAM and a prequel to a larger city festival in 2020.

The festival presents a mix of performance, dance, theatre, talks and music with a particular attention to the African continent and the global South. 

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