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Koen Augustijnen & Rosalba Torres Guerrero (be / fr)

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Koen Augustijnen and Rosalba Torres Guerrero have both been part of the Belgian and international dance landscape for over 20 years. From this shared artistic history, they decided to develop, co-create and co-direct new projects under the artistic name Siamese Cie. ‘Siamese’ means joined, united, fused. They make independent productions that seek to celebrate diversity and plurality and have a preference for crossovers between different genres, cultures, languages and traditions.

Koen Augustijnen (° Mechelen, 1967) studied history at Ghent University and took theatre workshops at the Antwerp Conservatory and with Jan Decorte in Brussels. He also followed dance workshops with Wim Vandekeybus, Caro Lambert, Min Tanaka, Laurie Booth, Suzanne Linke, Francisco Camacho, Christine Quoiraud, Frank van de Ven and David Zambrano. His main training and work experience, however, has been in staging performances as a member of les ballets C de la B. Initially he began as a dancer in performances by Alain Platel, but from 1997-2013 he was one of the dance company’s resident choreographers. Since 2013, he has worked as a freelancer.


Rosalba Torres Guerrero (°Geneva, 1974) began her training as a dancer at the Conservatoire de Genève, until she joined the CNDC Esquisse in Angers (France). In 1995-96, she began her professional career with Philippe Decouflé and his company DCA with the crazy creation of Décodex. Attracted by dance theatre, in 1997-98 she joined the company Deutsche Nationaltheater in Weimar (Germany) under the direction of Ismaël Ivo and created Medeamaterial. In 1997, she returned to France and worked with the Keli company on Cinderella otherwise with Indian dancers from South Kerala. In the same year, she embarked on a 9-year adventure with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s Rosas company for the creations of the now famous Drumming and Rain, to music by Steve Reich, I said I, In real time, Bitches brew / Tacoma Narrows, Kassandra, Raga for a rainy season / Love supreme and the repertory pieces Achterland, Woud, Mozart / Concert arias-a motorbike di gioia.

DatePerformanceCity CountryOrganisation/Venue
15.11.2023Lamenta Annemasse (fr)Château Rouge
21.06.2023LamentaLimassol (cy)Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival/Rialto Theatre
19.06.2023LamentaNicosia (cy)Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival/Nicosia Municipal Theatre
25.05.2023LamentaSète (fr)Théâtre Molière
23.05.2023LamentaÉchirolles (fr)La Rampe
07.04.2023LamentaNice (fr)Théâtre National de Nice
06.04.2023LamentaNice (fr)Théâtre National de Nice
01.04.2023LamentaDraguignan (fr)Théâtres en Dracénie
31.03.2023LamentaIstres (fr)Théâtre de L'Olivier
16.03.2023LamentaRotterdam (nl)Theater Rotterdam
12.03.2023LamentaMainz (de)Staatstheater Mainz
09.03.2023LamentaAlbertville (fr)Le Dôme Théâtre
07.03.2023LamentaHeerlen (nl)schrit_tmacher/Parkstad Limburg Theaters
17.11.2022LamentaQuimper (fr)Théâtre de Cornouaille
16.11.2022LamentaQuimper (fr)Théâtre de Cornouaille
14.11.2022LamentaSaint-Brieuc (fr)La Passerelle
04.09.2022LamentaRovereto (it)Oriente Occidente
10.06.2022Lamenta  (CANCELLED)Abu Dhabi (ae)Cultural Foundation
09.05.2022LamentaRecklinghausen (de)Ruhrfestspiele
08.05.2022LamentaRecklinghausen (de)Ruhrfestspiele
07.05.2022LamentaRecklinghausen (de)Ruhrfestspiele
05.05.2022LamentaMetz (fr)L'Arsenal / Passages Transfestival
19.02.2022LamentaCharleroi (be)Charleroi danse
03.02.2022LamentaLuxembourg (lu)Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
02.02.2022LamentaLuxembourg (lu)Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
29.01.2022LamentaBrussels (be)KVS
28.01.2022LamentaBrussels (be)KVS
14.12.2021LamentaParis (fr)La Villette
13.12.2021LamentaParis (fr)La Villette
23.10.2021LamentaGhent (be)Minard
22.10.2021LamentaGhent (be)Minard
21.10.2021LamentaGhent (be)Minard
20.10.2021LamentaBruges (be)Koninklijke Stadsschouwburg
15.10.2021LamentaStrasbourg (fr)Le Maillon / POLE-SUD CDCN
14.10.2021LamentaStrasbourg (fr)Le Maillon / POLE-SUD CDCN
13.10.2021LamentaStrasbourg (fr)Le Maillon / POLE-SUD CDCN
10.10.2021LamentaMons (be)Mars-Mons arts de la scène au lieu de Le Manège Maubeuge / Mars Mons
09.10.2021LamentaMons (be)Mars-Mons arts de la scène au lieu de Le Manège Maubeuge / Mars Mons
17.07.2021LamentaChoisy-le-Roi (fr)Théâtre Paul Eluard
15.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
14.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
13.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
12.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
11.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
09.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
08.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
07.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
01.07.2021LamentaClermont-Ferrand (fr)La Comédie de Clermont
30.06.2021LamentaClermont-Ferrand (fr)La Comédie de Clermont
16.06.2021LamentaAthens (gr)Athens & Epidaurus Festival
15.06.2021LamentaAthens (gr)Athens & Epidaurus Festival
27.05.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Metz (fr)L'Arsenal
13.05.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Recklinghausen (de)Ruhrfestspiele
12.05.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Recklinghausen (de)Ruhrfestspiele
11.05.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Recklinghausen (de)Ruhrfestspiele
30.04.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Charleroi (be)Charleroi danse
29.04.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Charleroi (be)Charleroi danse
26.03.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Choisy-le-Roi (fr)Théâtre Paul Eluard
23.03.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Maubeuge (fr)Le Manège
19.03.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Clermont-Ferrand (fr)La Comédie de Clermont
18.03.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Clermont-Ferrand (fr)La Comédie de Clermont
11.12.2020Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Strasbourg (fr)Le Maillon / POLE-SUD CDCN
10.12.2020Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Strasbourg (fr)Le Maillon / POLE-SUD CDCN
09.12.2020Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Strasbourg (fr)Le Maillon / POLE-SUD CDCN
03.12.2020Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Mons (be)Mars - Mons Arts de la Scène
23.10.2020Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Bruges (be)Concertgebouw
13.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
12.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
11.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
10.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
09.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
07.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
06.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
05.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
24.06.2020Lamenta  (Avant-Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Athens (gr)Athens & Epidaurus Festival
23.06.2020Lamenta  (Avant-Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Athens (gr)Athens & Epidaurus Festival