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New creation Cia. Suave (new)

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© Renato Mangolin

Cia. Suave – Alice Ripoll and Cia. Suave make a new creation that questions the political situation in Brazil. The idea of this creation comes from the desire to save the ritual that art once was. Art should be democratic. Art should create a space where everyone is treated as an equal and where everyone can perform and experience warm rituals. In Brazil, however, these rituals have lost their space to hopelessness, the absence of government policy, television, religion and the transformation of art into an elitist merchandise. These ideas and concepts have now gained power, reached the presidency of Brazil and have world domination as their goal.


World premiere
06 – 08 July 2023
Festival de Marseille

Brazil has reached a rock-bottom. The people feel unseen and unheard by their government and seek their confirmation elsewhere, for example in religion, the church and social media. These constructions give them a stage and keep the illusions created by the government alive.

In this new creation, Alice and her dancers will use elements from rituals. Their aim is to create a loving, inclusive and generous relationship with the audience. The spectator becomes part of this artistic experiment, they are in the middle of it, instead of behind a screen. With the performance, they will transcend prejudices and dogmas through enchantment and with the powerful tool they discovered in their previous performances: “passinho”. A milestone in the history of dance, with its exceptional and sensory contagious ability to celebrate existence. No one, not even the most diverse audience, can remain indifferent to this.

They will explore the necessity currently present in the new artistic, urban movements in Rio de Janeiro, with their complex forms of expression that mix joy, anger and the struggle to stay alive.

Choreography: Alice Ripoll
Diffusion: ART HAPPENS

DatePerformanceCity CountryOrganisation/Venue
06.07.2023New creation Cia. Suave  (world premiere)Marseille (fr)Festival de Marseille
07.07.2023New creation Cia. Suave  (world premiere)Marseille (fr)Festival de Marseille
08.07.2023New creation Cia. Suave  (world premiere)Marseille (fr)Festival de Marseille