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A Revue

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In A Revue, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe gives new meaning to archaic forms of opera and ballet. In this production, Abel Meirhaeghe juxtaposes the whole spectrum of human emotions with artificial intelligence.He starts a dialogue between tragedy and comedy, a confrontation between the heart and the head, a discussion between man and machine. In this strange cabaret-style performance, the spectator comes into contact with an ambiguous conflict between past and present.

A Revue is a trip to, say, the year 4020. What will the ancient music of the future sound like? Will it be played by humans, robots or maybe even aliens? How will the fragments and shards of the past be interpreted? And will opera and ballet then be vague memories or a last chance to search for lost emotions? These and other questions are explored by Abel Meirhaeghe with a hybrid cast of singers, musicians, producers, performers and visual artists. Together, they lead the audience into a world where time is dissolved and where distinctions between different genres and gender disappear. Digging into musical history with Mozart, Vivaldi and Schubert, they search for the raw power of the voice and the body. The theatre becomes a teletime machine: as nostalgic as it is revolutionary.

Concept and direction: Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe
With: Ellen Wils, Maribeth Diggle, Arnout Lems, Hanaka Hayakawa, Dolly Bing Bing, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Jelle Haen, Bjorn Floreal, Sophia Rodriquez, Oriana Mangala, Adrien De Biasi, Eurudike De Beu, Lionel Couchard
Dramaturgy and text: Louise van den Eede
Musical dramaturgy: Katherina Lindekens, Lena Meyskens
Sound design: Laurens Mariën, Jasper Segers
Composition: Laurens Mariën, Jasper Segers
Piano: Maya Dhondt
Scenography: Bart van Merode, Julian Weber
Light design: Bart van Merode
Assistent scenography: Zaza Dupont
Visual artists: Julian Weber, Sietske van Aerde, Daan Couzijn, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe
Costumes: Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Julian Weber, Sietske van Aerde
Make-up: Jelle Haen
Production: d e t h e a t e r m a k e r
Coproduction: DE SINGEL, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, LOD muziektheater (Gent), Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam, Kunstencentrum Vooruit
With the support of the Flemish Government
Special thanks to: CAMPO (Ghent), les ballets C de la B.
Diffusion: ART HAPPENS

DatePerformanceCity CountryOrganisation/Venue
02.06.2024A RevueHannover (de)KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen
01.06.2024A RevueHannover (de)KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen
30.06.2023A RevueParis (fr)La Villette
29.06.2023A RevueParis (fr)La Villette
28.06.2023A RevueParis (fr)La Villette
26.10.2022A RevueAntwerp (be)Toneelhuis
25.10.2022A RevueAntwerp (be)Toneelhuis
09.10.2021A RevueRotterdam (nl)Theater Rotterdam
12.09.2021A RevueAntwerp (be)Het TheaterFestival/DE SINGEL
26.06.2021A RevueAntwerp (be)DE SINGEL
25.06.2021A RevueAntwerp (be)DE SINGEL
15.10.2020A Revue  (premiere)Ghent (be)VIERNULVIER/Opera Gent
14.10.2020A Revue  (premiere)Ghent (be)VIERNULVIER/Opera Gent