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Jefta van Dinther (se/de)

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Jefta van Dinther (°Utrecht, 1980) is a choreographer and dancer working between Stockholm and Berlin. His work is characterized by a rigorous physical approach and always implies a staged research of movement itself. The moving body is the core of his practice but belongs to and interacts with a body of light, sound and materials. Central in his work is the question of what it means to be human, examined through its relation to society, community and environment but also to other forms of life such as animals and other non-human entities.

Jefta’s performances reach out into metaphysical or otherwordly realms and deal with notions of illusion, the visible and the invisible, synaesthesia, darkness, labour, sex, the uncanny, affect, voice and image. His work ranges from smaller, intimate formats to high-profile, large-scale productions for state companies.

Van Dinther’s works include REMACHINE (2023), Unearth (2022), On Earth I’m Done: Islands (2022) and Mountains (2021) for Cullberg, The Quiet (2019), Plateau Effect (2019) for Staatsballett Berlin, Dark Field Analysis (2017), Protagonist (2016) for Cullberg, As It Empties Out (2014), Plateau Effect (2013) for Cullberg, THIS IS CONCRETE (2012), GRIND (2011), The Blanket Dance (2011), Kneeding (2010), The Way Things Go (2009) and IT’S IN THE AIR (2008).

In 2023, Van Dinther was engaged as choreographer in Ulrich Rasche’s production Leonce und Lena for Deutsches Theater Berlin. Between 2019-2022 Van Dinther was Associated Artist with Cullberg. In 2020, Juan Pablo Camara was awarded the Catalan Critic’s award in the category of best male dancer for his role in the performance Dark Field Analysis. In 2016, Van Dinther developed the choreography for one of the scenes in Michael Haneke’s film Happy End together with the actor Franz Rogowski. During 2014, Van Dinther collaborated with Robyn & Röyksopp and created the choreography for the music videos Monument and Say It as well as for their world touring live concert. Van Dinther received the Swedish Theatercritic’s Danceprize 2013 for Plateau Effect, which was also selected for the Swedish Biennial of Performing Arts 2015. In 2012, Van Dinther was awarded with the Birgit Cullberg Grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. GRIND was awarded the Säde prize in Finland for best lighting design and received three prizes during Favoriten Festival in Dortmund, 2012.

Van Dinther graduated from the Amsterdam School of the Arts (MTD) in 2003. He teaches choreography at various international centers and educational programs. He was appointed Senior Lecturer and Artistic Director at the MA program in Choreography at DOCH (University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm) between 2012-2014.

Jefta van Dinther runs the studio and workspace Diorama in Berlin.

DatePerformanceCity CountryOrganisation/Venue
16.08.2024AUSLAND  (world premiere)Berlin (de)Tanz im August
17.08.2024AUSLAND  (world premiere)Berlin (de)Tanz im August
18.08.2024AUSLAND  (world premiere)Berlin (de)Tanz im August
19.08.2024AUSLAND  (world premiere)Berlin (de)Tanz im August
24.11.2024Unearth Ljubljana (si)CoFestival
14.03.2025REMACHINE Sevilla (es)Teatro Central
15.03.2025REMACHINE Sevilla (es)Teatro Central
28.04.2024Dark Field Analysis  (cancelled)Porto (pt)Serralves Museum
27.04.2024Dark Field Analysis  (cancelled)Porto (pt)Serralves Museum
24.04.2024REMACHINEPorto (pt)Festival DDD - Dias da Dança
23.04.2024REMACHINEPorto (pt)Festival DDD - Dias da Dança
21.04.2024UnearthKrems (at)DonauFestival
20.04.2024UnearthKrems (at)DonauFestival
14.04.2024UnearthStockholm (se)Dansens Hus
13.04.2024UnearthStockholm (se)Dansens Hus
08.03.2024Dark Field AnalysisLausanne (ch)Théâtre Sévelin 36
07.03.2024Dark Field AnalysisLausanne (ch)Théâtre Sévelin 36
03.03.2024REMACHINEBerlin (de)HAU / Hebbel am Ufer
02.03.2024REMACHINEBerlin (de)HAU / Hebbel am Ufer
01.03.2024REMACHINEBerlin (de)HAU / Hebbel am Ufer
29.02.2024REMACHINEBerlin (de)HAU / Hebbel am Ufer
17.02.2024UnearthOslo (no)ICEHOT Festival
27.01.2024REMACHINEVienna (at)Tanzquartier Wien
26.01.2024REMACHINEVienna (at)Tanzquartier Wien
09.12.2023REMACHINEBruges (be)December Dance/Concertgebouw Brugge
15.10.2023UnearthBrussels (be)Charleroi Danse/La Raffinerie
14.10.2023UnearthBrussels (be)Charleroi Danse/La Raffinerie
17.09.2023Dark Field AnalysisHong Kong (hk)WestKowloon
16.09.2023Dark Field AnalysisHong Kong (hk)WestKowloon
02.09.2023REMACHINEUmeå (se)Norrlandsoperan
01.09.2023REMACHINEUmeå (se)Norrlandsoperan
06.08.2023UnearthMunich (de)Tanzwerkstatt Europa
05.08.2023UnearthMunich (de)Tanzwerkstatt Europa
10.07.2023UnearthAmsterdam (nl)Julidans
09.07.2023UnearthAmsterdam (nl)Julidans
16.08.2022UnearthBerlin (de)Tanz im August
15.08.2022UnearthBerlin (de)Tanz im August
14.08.2022UnearthBerlin (de)Tanz im August
13.08.2022UnearthBerlin (de)Tanz im August
28.10.2021Dark Field AnalysisBern (ch)Dampfzentrale
27.10.2021Dark Field AnalysisBern (ch)Dampfzentrale
14.03.2020Dark Field AnalysisSevilla (es)Teatro Central
13.03.2020Dark Field AnalysisSevilla (es)Teatro Central
24.11.2019Dark Field AnalysisLjubljana (si)CoFestival
09.08.2019Dark Field AnalysisMunich (de)Tanzwerkstatt Europa
16.05.2019Dark Field AnalysisLeuven (be)Kunstencentrum STUK
15.05.2019Dark Field AnalysisLeuven (be)Kunstencentrum STUK
16.10.2018Dark Field AnalysisEssen (de)PACT Zollverein
15.10.2018Dark Field AnalysisEssen (de)PACT Zollverein
14.10.2018Dark Field AnalysisEssen (de)PACT Zollverein
13.10.2018Dark Field AnalysisEssen (de)PACT Zollverein
12.10.2018Dark Field AnalysisEssen (de)PACT Zollverein
11.10.2018Dark Field AnalysisEssen (de)PACT Zollverein
10.10.2018Dark Field AnalysisEssen (de)PACT Zollverein
09.10.2018Dark Field AnalysisEssen (de)PACT Zollverein
08.10.2018Dark Field AnalysisEssen (de)PACT Zollverein
07.10.2018Dark Field AnalysisEssen (de)PACT Zollverein
06.10.2018Dark Field AnalysisEssen (de)PACT Zollverein
05.10.2018Dark Field AnalysisEssen (de)PACT Zollverein
14.09.2018Dark Field AnalysisLondon (gb)Sadlers Wells
13.09.2018Dark Field AnalysisLondon (gb)Sadlers Wells
12.09.2018Dark Field AnalysisLondon (gb)Sadlers Wells
22.08.2018Dark Field AnalysisGothenburg (se)Göteborgs dans- och teaterfestival
21.08.2018Dark Field AnalysisGothenburg (se)Göteborgs dans- och teaterfestival
10.07.2018Dark Field AnalysisAmsterdam (nl)Julidans
09.07.2018Dark Field AnalysisAmsterdam (nl)Julidans
08.07.2018Dark Field AnalysisAmsterdam (nl)Julidans
07.07.2018Dark Field AnalysisAmsterdam (nl)Julidans
27.05.2018Dark Field AnalysisMontreal (ca)FTA
26.05.2018Dark Field AnalysisMontreal (ca)FTA
25.05.2018Dark Field AnalysisMontreal (ca)FTA
28.04.2018Dark Field AnalysisGuimarães (pt)Centro Cultural Vila Flor
27.04.2018Dark Field AnalysisGuimarães (pt)Centro Cultural Vila Flor
21.04.2018Dark Field AnalysisMetz (fr)Centre Pompidou
20.04.2018Dark Field AnalysisMetz (fr)Centre Pompidou
19.04.2018Dark Field AnalysisMetz (fr)Centre Pompidou
24.03.2018Dark Field AnalysisVienna (at)Tanzquartier Wien
23.03.2018Dark Field AnalysisVienna (at)Tanzquartier Wien
15.03.2018Dark Field AnalysisMalmö (se)Inkonst Malmö
13.03.2018Dark Field AnalysisCopenhagen (dk)Dansehallerne
12.03.2018Dark Field AnalysisCopenhagen (dk)Dansehallerne
11.03.2018Dark Field AnalysisCopenhagen (dk)Dansehallerne
10.03.2018Dark Field AnalysisCopenhagen (dk)Dansehallerne
09.03.2018Dark Field AnalysisCopenhagen (dk)Dansehallerne
08.03.2018Dark Field AnalysisCopenhagen (dk)Dansehallerne
07.03.2018Dark Field AnalysisCopenhagen (dk)Dansehallerne
06.03.2018Dark Field AnalysisCopenhagen (dk)Dansehallerne
18.02.2018Dark Field AnalysisOslo (no)Dansens Hus
17.02.2018Dark Field AnalysisOslo (no)Dansens Hus
16.02.2018Dark Field AnalysisOslo (no)Dansens Hus
05.11.2017Dark Field AnalysisHelsinki (fi)Moving in November
04.11.2017Dark Field AnalysisHelsinki (fi)Moving in November
03.11.2017Dark Field AnalysisHelsinki (fi)Moving in November
26.10.2017Dark Field AnalysisStockholm (se)Dansens Hus
25.10.2017Dark Field AnalysisStockholm (se)Dansens Hus
24.10.2017Dark Field AnalysisStockholm (se)Dansens Hus
27.08.2017Dark Field AnalysisBerlin (de)Tanz im August
26.08.2017Dark Field AnalysisBerlin (de)Tanz im August
25.08.2017Dark Field AnalysisBerlin (de)Tanz im August
24.08.2017Dark Field AnalysisBerlin (de)Tanz im August