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Festival d’Automne à Paris 23-24 & ART HAPPENS

After several years of being partners for the work of Trajal Harrell and Alice Ripoll, ART HAPPENS and Festival d’Automne à Paris have decided to take their collaboration to the next level and work together on the distribution of the work of international artists in Europe.

ART HAPPENS and Festival d’Automne à Paris together strengthen the European tours of international artists. For season 2023-2024, we are collaborating with Mariano Pensotti (Argentina) for the performance La Orba and Alice Ripoll (Brazil) for her new creation with Cia. Sauve. Their creations are co-produced by Festival d’Automne and will be presented during their 52nd edition.

Mariano Pensotti (Ar)

La Obra (new)

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La Obra or The Play is based on the story of Simon Frank, a Polish Jew who was captured during WWII. After the war, he arrived in Coronel Sivori, a village in Argentina, where he reconstructed his house from Poland. Not to live in, but to serve as scenery for a play. He kept on expanding this scenery, reminiscent of places in Warsaw and little by little, at Frank’s request, the neighbors began to participate in it. Some as secondary actors, others as set designers or technicians. He was incorporating the inhabitants of the town in different roles of people linked to his past. The play was presented each year on his birthday and it became famous in the area. But then after almost 40 years he was arrested, because it turned out that Simon Frank died during the war in a concentration camp and the man was actually Jürgen Richter, a German soldier. For La Obra, European theater director Walid Mansour, convinced inhabitants of the Argentinian village to tell their story about their experience and how it affected their lives. They all remember the play and the experience, with which they have a conflictive relationship, in a slightly different way. Walid Mansour himself is also present on stage. He reflects with a sporadic voiceover about his own experience of being raised during a context of a civil war, in a narration that reproduces the one in the play about Simon Frank.

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Cia. Suave – Alice Ripoll and Cia. Suave make a new creation that questions the political situation in Brazil. The idea of this creation comes from the desire to save the ritual that art once was. Art should be democratic. Art should create a space where everyone is treated as an equal and where everyone can perform and experience warm rituals. In Brazil, however, these rituals have lost their space to hopelessness, the absence of government policy, television, religion and the transformation of art into an elitist merchandise. These ideas and concepts have now gained power, reached the presidency of Brazil and have world domination as their goal.


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DatePerformanceArtistCity CountryOrganisation/Venue
02.06.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Vienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
03.06.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Vienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
04.06.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Vienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
05.06.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Vienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
06.06.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Vienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
07.06.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Vienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
14.06.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Athens (gr)Athens & Epidaurus Festival
15.06.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Athens (gr)Athens & Epidaurus Festival
18.10.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Douai (fr)TANDEM scène national Arras-Douai
19.10.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Douai (fr)TANDEM scène national Arras-Douai
23.10.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Paris (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris
24.10.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Paris (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris
25.10.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Paris (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris
26.10.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Paris (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris
27.10.2023La ObraMariano Pensotti (ar)Paris (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris