Art Happens

ART HAPPENS is an international management agency, founded in 2008 founded by Sarah De Ganck and based in Ghent (BE). Fascinated by the work of specific artists, ART HAPPENS is committed to building sustainable partnerships with various artistic institutions all over the world. ART HAPPENS specialises in building international and national tours of performance, dance and theatre projects.

ART HAPPENS is driven by the belief that artists possess the necessary talent to create works that influence the way we see our world, our times and see ourselves. International cultural exchange is our greatest motivation: we learn a lot from it, it connects us, it pushes us to cross borders beyond. Focused on art management in the performing arts, ART HAPPENS stands for:

  • Distribution of performances, nationally and internationally
  • Collaboration in the development of projects according to the needs of the individual artist and the companies
  • Seeking funding through co-production to support the creation of new work support.

In doing so, ART HAPPENS upholds ecological and human sustainability paramount. We try to keep the ecological footprint of the tours as low as possible by developing tours with different partners or by deepening partnerships. In doing so, we don’t lose human sustainability – the physical and psychological well-being of the artists we work with – out of sight. To this end, we take the individual background of the artist into account when considering sustainability.


Sarah De Ganck – Managing Director
+32 496 26 08 32

Cynthia Vandenbruaene – Assistant External Relations & Communication


Visiting address: De Punt, Kerkstraat 108, 9050 Ghent, Belgium
[email protected]

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