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Alice Ripoll (br)

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Alice Ripoll (°Rio de Janeiro) was studying to be a psychoanalyst when she took a deviant turn at the age of 21. She felt curious about the possibilities of the body and movement research, so she decided to study dance. Alice graduated from the Angel Vianna’s school, an important center for dance and motor rehabilitation, and started to work as a choreographer.


Alice started directing and performed in a few pieces as well – mostly of herself. She has worked with dancers, actors and circus artists.  Her work embraces contemporary dance and urban dance styles from Brazil. Through research, the work opens space for the dancers to transform the experiences and memories that live in each one, into images. Currently she’s directing two groups. Cia. REC and Cia. SUAVE.

Founded in 2009, Cia REC is a powerful group of dancers from the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro that elaborates and recreates contemporary art. Their work is on the threshold of dance and performance. It often questions the political and social situation in their home country. The experiences and memories of the dancers are used to create socially relevant performances that are not only aesthetically strong, but also leave a lasting impression on the audience. With Cia REC, Alice Ripoll created the performance aCORdo in 2017. In 2021, LAVAGEM premiered. Here, reality and fantasy mingle in a delirium that reminds us of an apocalyptic dream.

Cia. SUAVE began with the creation of Suave, which premiered at the Panorama Festival in 2014. Having as inspiration the passinho (short step), a new style of urban dance that derived from Rio de Janeiro’s funk, the show stands out for its unique energy, the quality of its performers and the refinement of the structure created by the choreographer. The second performance of the group, CRIA, premiered in 2017. Inspired by the Dancinha (little dance), a derivation from passinho dance, the performance explores a mixture of affection and sensuality through the interweaving of funk with contemporary dance. In 2023, Zona Franca premiered at the Festival de Marseille. This creation weaves together contact dance, TikTok, Afro-house and passinhon. “Free zone”, freedom, is the central theme in Zona Franca

DatePerformanceCity CountryOrganisation/Venue
06.07.2024Zona Franca Lausanne (ch)Festival de la Cité
07.07.2024Zona Franca Lausanne (ch)Festival de la Cité
10.07.2024aCORdo Amsterdam (nl)Julidans
11.07.2024Zona Franca Amsterdam (nl)Julidans
12.07.2024Zona Franca Amsterdam (nl)Julidans
14.07.2024aCORdo Barcelona (es)Grec Festival de Barcelona
15.07.2024Zona Franca Barcelona (es)Grec Festival de Barcelona
16.07.2024Zona Franca Barcelona (es)Grec Festival de Barcelona
20.07.2024Zona Franca Ribadavia (es)Ribadavia Festival
15.08.2024Zona Franca Zurich (ch)Zürcher Theater Spektakel
16.08.2024Zona Franca Zurich (ch)Zürcher Theater Spektakel
17.08.2024Zona Franca Zurich (ch)Zürcher Theater Spektakel
18.08.2024Zona Franca Zurich (ch)Zürcher Theater Spektakel
20.08.2024Zona Franca Basel (ch)Kaserne
21.08.2024Zona Franca Basel (ch)Kaserne
04.10.2024aCORdo Rotterdam (nl) Feeling Curious?/Theater Rotterdam
05.10.2024aCORdo Rotterdam (nl) Feeling Curious?/Theater Rotterdam
06.10.2024aCORdo Milan (it)BASE
09.10.2024aCORdo Firenze (it)Fabbrica Europa
08.11.2024aCORdo Rome (it)Romaeuropa Festival x Villa Medici
09.11.2024Zona Franca Rome (it)Romaeuropa Festival
10.11.2024Zona Franca Rome (it)Romaeuropa Festival
13.11.2024Zona Franca Stockholm (se)Dansens Hus
14.11.2024Zona Franca Stockholm (se)Dansens Hus
29.11.2024Zona Franca Dresden (de)Hellerau - Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden
30.11.2024Zona Franca Dresden (de)Hellerau - Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden
05.12.2024Zona Franca Bruges (be)December Dance/Magdalenazaal
24.03.2025Zona Franca Amsterdam (nl)Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
26.03.2025Zona Franca Kerkrade (nl)PLT
30.03.2025Zona Franca Utrecht (nl)Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
01.04.2025Zona Franca Den Haag (nl)Amare
08.04.2025Zona Franca Breda (nl)Chassé Theater
10.04.2025Zona Franca Rotterdam (nl)Theater Rotterdam
20.05.2025Zona Franca Valence (fr)Comédie de Valence
21.05.2025Zona Franca Valence (fr)Comédie de Valence
24.05.2025Zona Franca Hannover (de)KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen
25.05.2025Zona Franca Hannover (de)KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen
24.04.2024Zona FrancaPorto (pt)Festival DDD - Dias da Dança
23.04.2024Zona FrancaPorto (pt)Festival DDD - Dias da Dança
20.04.2024Zona FrancaValencia (es)Dansa Valencia
12.11.2023aCORdoParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris/CENTQUATRE-PARIS
11.11.2023Zona FrancaParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris/CENTQUATRE-PARIS
10.11.2023Zona FrancaParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris/CENTQUATRE-PARIS
09.11.2023Zona FrancaParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris/CENTQUATRE-PARIS
08.11.2023aCORdoParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris/CENTQUATRE-PARIS
04.11.2023Zona FrancaLondon (gb)Southbank Centre
03.11.2023Zona FrancaLondon (gb)Southbank Centre
02.11.2023Zona FrancaLondon (gb)Southbank Centre
29.10.2023Zona FrancaDusseldorf (de)Tanzhaus NRW
28.10.2023Zona FrancaDusseldorf (de)Tanzhaus NRW
21.10.2023Zona FrancaBrussels (be)Charleroi Danse/La Raffinerie
20.10.2023Zona FrancaBrussels (be)Charleroi Danse/La Raffinerie
14.10.2023Zona FrancaDouai (fr)TANDEM scène national Arras-Douai
07.10.2023LAVAGEMKyoto (jp)Kyoto Experiment
06.10.2023LAVAGEMKyoto (jp)Kyoto Experiment
30.09.2023Zona FrancaDublin (ie)Dublin Theatre Festival
29.09.2023Zona FrancaDublin (ie)Dublin Theatre Festival
28.09.2023Zona FrancaDublin (ie)Dublin Theatre Festival
11.08.2023LAVAGEMJerusalem (il)Israel festival
10.08.2023LAVAGEMJerusalem (il)Israel festival
09.08.2023aCORdoJerusalem (il)Israel festival
08.07.2023Zona Franca  (world premiere)Marseille (fr)Festival de Marseille
07.07.2023Zona Franca  (world premiere)Marseille (fr)Festival de Marseille
06.07.2023Zona Franca  (world premiere)Marseille (fr)Festival de Marseille
07.05.2023LAVAGEMBarcelona (es)Mercat de les Flors
06.05.2023LAVAGEMBarcelona (es)Mercat de les Flors
05.05.2023LAVAGEMBarcelona (es)Mercat de les Flors
29.04.2023LAVAGEMEssen (de)PACT Zollverein
28.04.2023LAVAGEMEssen (de)PACT Zollverein
29.11.2022LAVAGEMChâtillon (fr)Théâtre de Châtillon
28.11.2022LAVAGEMChâtillon (fr)Théâtre de Châtillon
26.11.2022LAVAGEMRennes (fr)Théâtre National de Brétagne
25.11.2022LAVAGEMRennes (fr)Théâtre National de Brétagne
24.11.2022LAVAGEMRennes (fr)Théâtre National de Brétagne
22.11.2022LAVAGEMVélizy-Villacoublay (fr)L'Onde
16.10.2022LAVAGEMBirmingham (gb)Fierce Festival
15.10.2022LAVAGEMBirmingham (gb)Fierce Festival
12.10.2022LAVAGEMWarsaw (pl)Festival Body/Mind
10.10.2022LAVAGEMPrague (cz)Four Days Festival
08.10.2022LAVAGEMRotterdam (nl)Theater Rotterdam
07.10.2022LAVAGEMRotterdam (nl)Theater Rotterdam
04.06.2022LAVAGEMMontreal (ca)FTA
03.06.2022LAVAGEMMontreal (ca)FTA
02.06.2022LAVAGEMMontreal (ca)FTA
01.06.2022LAVAGEMMontreal (ca)FTA
28.05.2022LAVAGEMBrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
27.05.2022LAVAGEMBrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
26.05.2022LAVAGEMBrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
25.05.2022LAVAGEMBrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
21.05.2022CRIASaint-Brieuc (fr)La Passerelle
19.05.2022SuaveSaint-Ouen (fr)Espace 1789
17.05.2022SuaveChoisy-le-Roi (fr)Théâtre Paul Eluard
13.05.2022CRIABlois (fr)Halle aux Grains – scène nationale de Blois
11.05.2022CRIAOrléans (fr)Scène Nationale d'Orléans
07.05.2022CRIAOslo (no)Black Box Teater
06.05.2022CRIAOslo (no)Black Box Teater
10.04.2022aCORdoCincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
09.04.2022aCORdoCincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
08.04.2022aCORdoCincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
07.04.2022aCORdoCincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
06.04.2022aCORdoCincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
02.04.2022CRIANew York (us)BAM
01.04.2022CRIANew York (us)BAM
31.03.2022CRIANew York (us)BAM
30.03.2022CRIANew York (us)BAM
29.03.2022CRIANew York (us)BAM
17.12.2021CRIABrest (fr)Le Quartz
16.12.2021CRIABrest (fr)Le Quartz
15.12.2021CRIABrest (fr)Le Quartz
11.12.2021CRIARennes (fr)Théâtre National de Brétagne
10.12.2021CRIARennes (fr)Théâtre National de Brétagne
09.12.2021CRIARennes (fr)Théâtre National de Brétagne
08.12.2021CRIARennes (fr)Théâtre National de Brétagne
05.12.2021SuaveMadrid (es)Centro Cultural Conde Duque
04.12.2021SuaveMadrid (es)Centro Cultural Conde Duque
30.11.2021CRIA  (CANCELLED)Montbéliard (fr)MA Scène Nationale
30.10.2021CRIAMunich (de)Theaterfestival Spielart
29.10.2021CRIAMunich (de)Theaterfestival Spielart
28.10.2021CRIAMunich (de)Theaterfestival Spielart
22.10.2021LAVAGEMRome (it)Teatro di Roma - Teatro Nazionale & Romaeuropa Festival
21.10.2021LAVAGEMRome (it)Teatro di Roma - Teatro Nazionale & Romaeuropa Festival
20.10.2021LAVAGEMRome (it)Teatro di Roma - Teatro Nazionale & Romaeuropa Festival
19.10.2021LAVAGEMRome (it)Teatro di Roma - Teatro Nazionale & Romaeuropa Festival
16.10.2021LAVAGEMTremblay-en-France (fr)Théâtre Louis Aragon
15.10.2021LAVAGEMTremblay-en-France (fr)Théâtre Louis Aragon
10.10.2021LAVAGEMLisbon (pt)Bienale BoCA
09.10.2021LAVAGEMLisbon (pt)Bienale BoCA
06.10.2021LAVAGEMBasel (ch)Kaserne
05.10.2021LAVAGEMBasel (ch)Kaserne
30.09.2021LAVAGEMGhent (be)VIERNULVIER/Vooruit
29.09.2021LAVAGEMGhent (be)VIERNULVIER/Vooruit
25.09.2021LAVAGEMMarseille (fr)Actoral
24.09.2021LAVAGEMMarseille (fr)Actoral
19.09.2021LAVAGEMParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris & La Villette
18.09.2021LAVAGEMParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris & La Villette
17.09.2021LAVAGEMParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris & La Villette
16.09.2021LAVAGEMParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris & La Villette
15.09.2021LAVAGEMParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris & La Villette
12.09.2021LAVAGEMGeneva (ch)La Bâtie - Festival de Genève
11.09.2021LAVAGEMGeneva (ch)La Bâtie - Festival de Genève
08.09.2021LAVAGEMMetz (fr)Passages Transfestival
16.07.2021LAVAGEMAmsterdam (nl)Julidans
15.07.2021LAVAGEMAmsterdam (nl)Julidans
13.07.2021LAVAGEMHannover (de)Festival Theaterformen
12.07.2021LAVAGEMHannover (de)Festival Theaterformen
07.07.2021LAVAGEMLausanne (ch)Festival de la Cité
06.07.2021LAVAGEMLausanne (ch)Festival de la Cité
02.07.2021LAVAGEM  (PREMIERE)Vienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
01.07.2021LAVAGEM  (PREMIERE)Vienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
30.06.2021LAVAGEM  (PREMIERE)Vienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
29.06.2021LAVAGEM  (PREMIERE)Vienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
28.06.2021LAVAGEM  (PREMIERE)Vienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
30.05.2021LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Brussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
29.05.2021LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Brussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
28.05.2021LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Brussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
27.05.2021LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Brussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
26.05.2021LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Brussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
25.05.2021LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Brussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
16.05.2021LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Metz (fr)Passages Transfestival
15.05.2021LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Metz (fr)Passages Transfestival
23.02.2021CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Montbéliard (fr)MA Scène Nationale
20.02.2021CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Saint-Brieuc (fr)La Passerelle
18.02.2021CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Orléans (fr)Scène Nationale d'Orléans
16.02.2021CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Blois (fr)Halle aux Grains – scène nationale de Blois
12.02.2021CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Reims (fr)Le Manège de Reims
11.02.2021CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Reims (fr)Le Manège de Reims
09.02.2021SuaveChoisy-le-Roi (fr)Théâtre Paul Eluard
06.02.2021Suave  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Saint-Ouen (fr)Espace 1789
05.02.2021Suave  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Saint-Ouen (fr)Espace 1789
03.02.2021CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Forbach (fr)Le Carreau Scène Nationale Forbach
29.01.2021Suave  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Madrid (es)Centro Cultural Conde Duque
28.01.2021Suave  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Madrid (es)Centro Cultural Conde Duque
15.07.2020aCORdo  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Barcelona (es)Grec Festival de Barcelona
14.07.2020aCORdo  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Barcelona (es)Grec Festival de Barcelona
12.07.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Lausanne (ch)Festival de la Cité
11.07.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Lausanne (ch)Festival de la Cité
08.07.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Amsterdam (nl)Julidans
07.07.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Amsterdam (nl)Julidans
10.06.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Lille (fr)Latitudes Contemporaines
07.06.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Vienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
06.06.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Vienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
05.06.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Vienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
24.05.2020CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Montreal (ca)FTA
23.05.2020CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Montreal (ca)FTA
16.05.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Basel (ch)Kaserne
15.05.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Basel (ch)Kaserne
12.05.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Brussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
11.05.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Brussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
10.05.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Brussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
09.05.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Brussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
08.05.2020LAVAGEM  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Brussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
28.04.2020CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Manchester (gb)The Lowry
26.04.2020aCORdo  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Cincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
25.04.2020aCORdo  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Cincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
24.04.2020aCORdo  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Cincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
23.04.2020aCORdo  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Cincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
22.04.2020aCORdo  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Cincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
24.03.2020CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (fr)Théâtre de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
21.03.2020CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Rennes (fr)Théâtre National de Brétagne
20.03.2020CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Rennes (fr)Théâtre National de Brétagne
19.03.2020CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Rennes (fr)Théâtre National de Brétagne
18.03.2020CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Rennes (fr)Théâtre National de Brétagne
14.03.2020CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Oslo (no)Black Box Teater
13.03.2020CRIA  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Oslo (no)Black Box Teater
19.12.2019CRIALeuven (be)Kunstencentrum STUK
18.12.2019CRIALeuven (be)Kunstencentrum STUK
16.12.2019CRIADouai (fr)L'Hippodrome
14.12.2019CRIACharleroi (be)Charleroi danse
12.12.2019CRIAParis (fr)Parc de la Vilette
11.12.2019CRIAParis (fr)Parc de la Vilette
10.12.2019CRIAParis (fr)Parc de la Vilette
07.12.2019CRIAGhent (be)VIERNULVIER/Vooruit
06.12.2019CRIAGhent (be)VIERNULVIER/Vooruit
03.12.2019CRIATurnhout (be)De Warande
01.12.2019CRIAWaregem (be)CC De Schakel
29.11.2019CRIAKoksijde (be)Cultuurcentrum CasinoKoksijde
26.11.2019CRIACergy-Pontoise/Val d'Oise (fr)Nouvelle Scène Nationale
24.10.2019CRIA  (Cancelled)Beirut (lb)Home Works Forum
23.10.2019CRIA  (Cancelled)Beirut (lb)Home Works Forum
20.10.2019CRIALorient (fr)Le Théâtre de Lorient
19.10.2019CRIALorient (fr)Le Théâtre de Lorient
16.10.2019CRIARotterdam (nl)Theater Rotterdam
12.10.2019CRIASt. Médard-en-Jalles (fr)Le Carré-Les Colonnes
11.10.2019CRIASt. Médard-en-Jalles (fr)Le Carré-Les Colonnes
09.10.2019CRIAStrasbourg (fr)POLE-SUD
08.10.2019CRIAStrasbourg (fr)POLE-SUD
15.09.2019aCORdoBochum (de)Ruhrtriennale / PACT Zollverein
14.09.2019aCORdoBochum (de)Ruhrtriennale / PACT Zollverein
13.09.2019aCORdoBochum (de)Ruhrtriennale / PACT Zollverein
23.06.2019CRIAPolverigi (it)Inteatro
21.06.2019CRIANaples (it)Napoli Teatro Festival Italia
20.06.2019CRIANaples (it)Napoli Teatro Festival Italia
18.06.2019CRIALille (fr)Latitudes Contemporaines
16.06.2019CRIAMontreuil (fr)Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis/L'Embarcadère
15.06.2019CRIAMontreuil (fr)Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis/L'Embarcadère
23.05.2019aCORdoSeine-Saint-Denis (fr)Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis/La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues
22.05.2019aCORdoSeine-Saint-Denis (fr)Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis/La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues
19.05.2019aCORdoVienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
18.05.2019aCORdoVienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
18.05.2019CRIABrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
17.05.2019aCORdoVienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
17.05.2019CRIABrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
16.05.2019aCORdoVienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
16.05.2019CRIABrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
15.05.2019aCORdoVienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
14.05.2019aCORdoVienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
12.05.2019aCORdoVienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
11.05.2019aCORdoBasel (ch)Kaserne
11.05.2019CRIABasel (ch)Kaserne
10.05.2019CRIABasel (ch)Kaserne
09.05.2019aCORdoBasel (ch)Kaserne
05.05.2019aCORdoPorto (pt)Festival DDD - Dias da Dança/Serralves
04.05.2019CRIAPorto (pt)Festival DDD - Dias da Dança/Teatro Municipal do Porto - Rivoli
02.05.2019aCORdoPorto (pt)Festival DDD - Dias da Dança/Gaiurb
01.05.2019aCORdoPorto (pt)Festival DDD - Dias da Dança/Mira Artes Performativas
28.04.2019aCORdoPorto (pt)Festival DDD - Dias da Dança/Casa da Arquitectura
21.04.2019aCORdoParis (fr)Centre Pompidou/Exhibition space #22
20.04.2019aCORdoParis (fr)Centre Pompidou/Exhibition space #22
19.04.2019aCORdoParis (fr)Centre Pompidou/Exhibition space #22
13.04.2019aCORdoZurich (ch)zürich moves!
05.04.2019CRIAUtrecht (nl)Tweetakt Festival
04.04.2019CRIAUtrecht (nl)Tweetakt Festival
02.04.2019CRIAMainz (de)Staatstheater Mainz
01.04.2019CRIAMainz (de)Staatstheater Mainz
30.03.2019SuaveParis (fr)La Villette
29.03.2019SuaveParis (fr)La Villette
28.03.2019SuaveParis (fr)La Villette
13.05.2018aCORdoBrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
11.05.2018aCORdoBrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
09.05.2018aCORdoBrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
06.05.2018aCORdoBrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
04.05.2018aCORdoBrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts