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© Renato Mangolin

aCORdo emerges from the invitation Alice Ripoll received to create a new piece for the exhibition “Que Legado “ (Which Legacy), held at the cultural center “Casteliho do Flamengo” in Rio de Janeiro, from March to April, 2017. She was asked to create a performance that finds an answer to the question of what would have remained as a legacy for the city after the great events that supposedly would bring improvements to Rio; the World Cup and the Olympics. Without giving a literal answer to the question, she decided to show the city through the perspective of the performers she had been working with for eight years. They are black and live in a favela.

At the core of the balance that protects Rio de Janeiro from chaos is police action. It is the fundamental element that keeps the rich population away from the violence of a city watered by deep inequalities. The most common of the means used by the police in their actions is the “check”, for instance to check if a person is carrying anything illegal. This “check” also serves to intimidate (sometimes by beating them up) the poorest population. 

In aCORdo, in a closed room with restricted freedom, four uniformed dancers create images and sensations face to face with the audience. The four performers turn the existing hierarchies and relationships between those present inside out through movement and interaction. In a subtle and seemingly innocent way, a new order is created in which both dancer and spectator inevitably have to reorientate themselves. Who is who now? Who is stealing from whom?

The word “acordo” in Portuguese has a few meanings: wake up, agreement, accordance, keeping, cartel and convention. Another possible reading of the title is in the way it’s written: a-COR-do (the-color-of).

Creation: Alice Ripoll
With: Alan Ferreira, Leandro Coala, Romulo Galvão, Tony Hewerton
Assistant director and producer: Anita Tandeta
Art: Daniel Kucera
Photos and video: Renato Mangolin
Diffusion: ART HAPPENS


DatePerformanceCity CountryOrganisation/Venue
10.07.2024aCORdoAmsterdam (nl)Julidans
14.07.2024aCORdoBarcelona (es)Grec Festival de Barcelona
04.10.2024aCORdoRotterdam (nl) Feeling Curious?/Theater Rotterdam
05.10.2024aCORdoRotterdam (nl) Feeling Curious?/Theater Rotterdam
06.10.2024aCORdoMilan (it)BASE
09.10.2024aCORdoFirenze (it)Fabbrica Europa
08.11.2024aCORdoRome (it)Romaeuropa Festival x Villa Medici
12.11.2023aCORdoParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris/CENTQUATRE-PARIS
08.11.2023aCORdoParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris/CENTQUATRE-PARIS
09.08.2023aCORdoJerusalem (il)Israel festival
10.04.2022aCORdoCincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
09.04.2022aCORdoCincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
08.04.2022aCORdoCincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
07.04.2022aCORdoCincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
06.04.2022aCORdoCincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
15.07.2020aCORdo  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Barcelona (es)Grec Festival de Barcelona
14.07.2020aCORdo  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Barcelona (es)Grec Festival de Barcelona
26.04.2020aCORdo  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Cincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
25.04.2020aCORdo  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Cincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
24.04.2020aCORdo  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Cincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
23.04.2020aCORdo  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Cincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
22.04.2020aCORdo  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Cincinnati (us)Contemporary Arts Center
15.09.2019aCORdoBochum (de)Ruhrtriennale / PACT Zollverein
14.09.2019aCORdoBochum (de)Ruhrtriennale / PACT Zollverein
13.09.2019aCORdoBochum (de)Ruhrtriennale / PACT Zollverein
23.05.2019aCORdoSeine-Saint-Denis (fr)Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis/La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues
22.05.2019aCORdoSeine-Saint-Denis (fr)Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis/La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues
19.05.2019aCORdoVienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
18.05.2019aCORdoVienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
17.05.2019aCORdoVienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
16.05.2019aCORdoVienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
15.05.2019aCORdoVienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
14.05.2019aCORdoVienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
12.05.2019aCORdoVienna (at)Wiener Festwochen
11.05.2019aCORdoBasel (ch)Kaserne
09.05.2019aCORdoBasel (ch)Kaserne
05.05.2019aCORdoPorto (pt)Festival DDD - Dias da Dança/Serralves
02.05.2019aCORdoPorto (pt)Festival DDD - Dias da Dança/Gaiurb
01.05.2019aCORdoPorto (pt)Festival DDD - Dias da Dança/Mira Artes Performativas
28.04.2019aCORdoPorto (pt)Festival DDD - Dias da Dança/Casa da Arquitectura
21.04.2019aCORdoParis (fr)Centre Pompidou/Exhibition space #22
20.04.2019aCORdoParis (fr)Centre Pompidou/Exhibition space #22
19.04.2019aCORdoParis (fr)Centre Pompidou/Exhibition space #22
13.04.2019aCORdoZurich (ch)zürich moves!
13.05.2018aCORdoBrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
11.05.2018aCORdoBrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
09.05.2018aCORdoBrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
06.05.2018aCORdoBrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts
04.05.2018aCORdoBrussels (be)Kunstenfestivaldesarts