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© Carl Thorborg

AUSLAND examines our urge and search for alternate realities, in a performance where human and non-human players are toying with themes intrinsic to our times. Digital touch, deep fakes, and machine attachment become presets of a labyrinth that is layered in humour and darkness.

In a series of new creations, working across the mediums of movement, song, film, gaming, and objects, Van Dinther examines a world which is overloaded with offers. The audience navigates freely through an immersive and durational installation. Departing from Van Dinther’s previous works, which tackle themes such as kinship, mortality and spirituality, this work plunges further into the dichotomies of fantasy; exposing how play can turn serious at any moment. AUSLAND depicts distinct yet interwoven microcosms characterised by self-destruction, voyeurism, and subversion, where emotional resilience and mental and moral clarity are challenged. AUSLAND is a muli-hour, constellative work in which various artistic performances related to a theme unfold in adjacent spaces. Viewers move from one happening to the next, creating an exhibition-like experience. AUSLAND creates a new experience where all spaces are characterized by playful experimentation, subversion, and darkness. It taps into the current zeitgeist where people consciously immerse themselves in new and fictional realms of experience.
Where do we draw the line between experimentation and transgression? And what limits are we prepared to violate for our personal freedom, especially when the world as we know it can be difficult to trust.

- Jefta van Dinther

Choreography: Jefta van Dinther

Created and performed by: Juan Pablo Camara, Louise Dahl, emeka ene, Leah Katz, Gyung Moo Kim, Leah Marojević, Roger Sala Reyner, Felix Bethge van Dinther and Jefta van Dinther

Composition: Billy Bultheel

Costume and set design: Cristina Nyffeler

Lighting design: Jonatan Winbo

Voice coach: Mette Nadja Hansen and Doreen Kutzke

Dramaturgical Advice: Maja Zimmermann

Outside Eye: Thiago Granato

Photography: Carl Thorborg

Art Direction: Martin Falck

Technical direction: Andrea Parolin

Light technique: Fabian Bleisch

Sound technique: Marius Kirch

Management: Sven Neumann

Distribution: ART HAPPENS

Production management: Uta Engel and Romy Hansford-Gerber

Touring management: Romy Hansford-Gerber

Administration: transmission GmbH (DE) and Interim kultur AB (SE)

Production: Jefta van Dinther

Co-production: Tanz im August Berlin / HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Dansens Hus Stockholm

In collaboration with: Berlin Atonal

Funded by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin

Jefta van Dinther is funded by TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund with the support of the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion, and Swedish Arts Council

DatePerformanceCity CountryOrganisation/Venue
16.08.2024AUSLAND  (world premiere)Berlin (de)Tanz im August
17.08.2024AUSLAND  (world premiere)Berlin (de)Tanz im August
18.08.2024AUSLAND  (world premiere)Berlin (de)Tanz im August
19.08.2024AUSLAND  (world premiere)Berlin (de)Tanz im August