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Inspired by the miroloi, Greek mourning songs from the Epirus region that are sung when someone dies or leaves the family when getting married or moving away, Rosalba Torres Guerrero and Koen Augustijnen created Lamenta. They brought together a group of nine contemporary Greek dancers who have mastered a variety of dance techniques. Together, they investigated how the energetic – both earthly and transcendental – qualities of Greek music and dance can unfold further in a contemporary creation. The aim was to create a new, contemporary mourning ritual that brings together traditional and contemporary elements.

Lamenta zooms in on the different emotions we experience when mourning a loss. In all cultures, there were mourning rituals in which these emotions were expressed through song and dance. In our contemporary society, however, many of these rituals have been lost. They still survive in specific cultures and regions, such as Epirus in northern Greece. There, Augustijnen and Guerrero discovered the miroloi, powerful rituals that form the basis of this performance.

In Epirus, they met talented musicians such as Xanthoula Dakovanou, the artistic director of the Kerasovo Music Festival and the renowned clarinettist Nikos Fillipides, who keep the tradition of the miroloi alive. Together with them, they made new recordings of the Greek mourning songs, which form the emotional backbone of the production. The musical dramaturgy begins with the miroloi in their original form. Slowly other influences are allowed in, updating the songs for a contemporary context.


Concept and choreography: Koen Augustijnen & Rosalba Torres Guerrero
In collaboration with the dancers: Lamprini Gkolia, Christiana Kosiari, Konstantinos Chairetis, Petrina Giannakou, Dafni Stathatou, Athina Kyrousi, Taxiarchis Vasilakos, Alexandros Stavropoulos & Spyridon Christakis
Musical artistic direction: Xanthoula Dakovanou
Music featuring: Magic Malik (flute, voice) and Nikos Filippidis (clarinet)
With: Kleon Andoniou (electric guitar, voice), Solis Barkis (percussions), Dimitris Brendas (clarinet, kaval), Xanthoula Dakovanou (voice), Lefkothea Filippidi (voice), Kostas Filippidis (luth), Stefanos Filos (violin), Avgerini Gatsi (voice), Panagiotis Katsikiotis (drums), Dimitris Katsoulis (violin), Ourania Lampropoulou (santouri), Antonis Maratos (electric bass, contrebass), Alexandros Rizopoulos (percussions, voice) & Thanassis Tzinas (voice)
Recordings at Studio Syn ENA – Athens by Giorgos Korres
Mixing: Giorgos Dakovanos & Giorgos Korres
Music production MOUSA, Athene
Soundscape: Sam Serruys
Dramaturgy: Georgina Kakoudaki & Guy Cools
Costume design: Peggy Housset
Light design: Begoña Garcia Navas
Light/sound handling and technical direction: Michel Delvigne
Financial management: Herwig Onghena
Administration, production and tour management: Nicole Petit
Production: Siamese Cie – Koen Augustijnen & Rosalba Torres Guerrero
Co-production: Athens and Epidaurus Festival, Festival d’Avignon, La Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand – scène nationale, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, La Villette Paris, Charleroi Danse, Arsenal Cité musicale-Metz, Le Manège Maubeuge, Théâtre Paul Eluard (TPE), Bezons, scène conventionnée d’intérêt national/art et création – danse, Le Maillon Strasbourg, PÔLE-SUD, Centre de Développement Chorégraphique National Strasbourg, Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, MARS Mons Arts de la Scène & Duncan Dance Research Center Athens.
Siamese Cie is supported by Belgian Tax Shelter.
Diffusion: ART HAPPENS

DatePerformanceCity CountryOrganisation/Venue
15.11.2023LamentaAnnemasse (fr)Château Rouge
21.06.2023LamentaLimassol (cy)Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival/Rialto Theatre
19.06.2023LamentaNicosia (cy)Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival/Nicosia Municipal Theatre
25.05.2023LamentaSète (fr)Théâtre Molière
23.05.2023LamentaÉchirolles (fr)La Rampe
07.04.2023LamentaNice (fr)Théâtre National de Nice
06.04.2023LamentaNice (fr)Théâtre National de Nice
01.04.2023LamentaDraguignan (fr)Théâtres en Dracénie
31.03.2023LamentaIstres (fr)Théâtre de L'Olivier
16.03.2023LamentaRotterdam (nl)Theater Rotterdam
12.03.2023LamentaMainz (de)Staatstheater Mainz
09.03.2023LamentaAlbertville (fr)Le Dôme Théâtre
07.03.2023LamentaHeerlen (nl)schrit_tmacher/Parkstad Limburg Theaters
17.11.2022LamentaQuimper (fr)Théâtre de Cornouaille
16.11.2022LamentaQuimper (fr)Théâtre de Cornouaille
14.11.2022LamentaSaint-Brieuc (fr)La Passerelle
04.09.2022LamentaRovereto (it)Oriente Occidente
10.06.2022Lamenta  (CANCELLED)Abu Dhabi (ae)Cultural Foundation
09.05.2022LamentaRecklinghausen (de)Ruhrfestspiele
08.05.2022LamentaRecklinghausen (de)Ruhrfestspiele
07.05.2022LamentaRecklinghausen (de)Ruhrfestspiele
05.05.2022LamentaMetz (fr)L'Arsenal / Passages Transfestival
19.02.2022LamentaCharleroi (be)Charleroi danse
03.02.2022LamentaLuxembourg (lu)Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
02.02.2022LamentaLuxembourg (lu)Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
29.01.2022LamentaBrussels (be)KVS
28.01.2022LamentaBrussels (be)KVS
14.12.2021LamentaParis (fr)La Villette
13.12.2021LamentaParis (fr)La Villette
23.10.2021LamentaGhent (be)Minard
22.10.2021LamentaGhent (be)Minard
21.10.2021LamentaGhent (be)Minard
20.10.2021LamentaBruges (be)Koninklijke Stadsschouwburg
15.10.2021LamentaStrasbourg (fr)Le Maillon / POLE-SUD CDCN
14.10.2021LamentaStrasbourg (fr)Le Maillon / POLE-SUD CDCN
13.10.2021LamentaStrasbourg (fr)Le Maillon / POLE-SUD CDCN
10.10.2021LamentaMons (be)Mars-Mons arts de la scène au lieu de Le Manège Maubeuge / Mars Mons
09.10.2021LamentaMons (be)Mars-Mons arts de la scène au lieu de Le Manège Maubeuge / Mars Mons
17.07.2021LamentaChoisy-le-Roi (fr)Théâtre Paul Eluard
15.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
14.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
13.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
12.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
11.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
09.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
08.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
07.07.2021LamentaAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
01.07.2021LamentaClermont-Ferrand (fr)La Comédie de Clermont
30.06.2021LamentaClermont-Ferrand (fr)La Comédie de Clermont
16.06.2021LamentaAthens (gr)Athens & Epidaurus Festival
15.06.2021LamentaAthens (gr)Athens & Epidaurus Festival
27.05.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Metz (fr)L'Arsenal
13.05.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Recklinghausen (de)Ruhrfestspiele
12.05.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Recklinghausen (de)Ruhrfestspiele
11.05.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Recklinghausen (de)Ruhrfestspiele
30.04.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Charleroi (be)Charleroi danse
29.04.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Charleroi (be)Charleroi danse
26.03.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Choisy-le-Roi (fr)Théâtre Paul Eluard
23.03.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Maubeuge (fr)Le Manège
19.03.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Clermont-Ferrand (fr)La Comédie de Clermont
18.03.2021Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Clermont-Ferrand (fr)La Comédie de Clermont
11.12.2020Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Strasbourg (fr)Le Maillon / POLE-SUD CDCN
10.12.2020Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Strasbourg (fr)Le Maillon / POLE-SUD CDCN
09.12.2020Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Strasbourg (fr)Le Maillon / POLE-SUD CDCN
03.12.2020Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Mons (be)Mars - Mons Arts de la Scène
23.10.2020Lamenta  (CANCELLED - Covid-19)Bruges (be)Concertgebouw
13.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
12.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
11.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
10.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
09.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
07.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
06.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
05.07.2020Lamenta  (Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Avignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
24.06.2020Lamenta  (Avant-Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Athens (gr)Athens & Epidaurus Festival
23.06.2020Lamenta  (Avant-Première - CANCELLED - Covid-19)Athens (gr)Athens & Epidaurus Festival