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Shelly Shonk Fiffit (new)

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© Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe

How do we see ourselves in a bigger picture, in time, in history, in the future, as well as in the cosmos? Long fascinated by the relationship between time and art, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe’s second production at the Toneelhuis is based on the James Webb Space Telescope. While bending over the evolution of our oldest galaxies, Shelly Shonk Fiffit tries to picture how in alternation new worlds are formed.

World premiere
18 January 2024
Toneelhuis Antwerp

On stage there will be nine performers who will be supported by the music of the Berlin-based Italian musician Catarina Barbieri with whom Benjamin is in advanced conversation. Barbieri’s album Fantas Variations is the musical starting point of the performance. The album includes contributions of the Norwegian saxophonist and performance artist Bendik Giske, Lyra Pramuk, Evelyn Saylor who writes choral parts and Kali Malone who is obsessed with organs. These musicians represent a new wave in the Berlin music scene.

Concept and direction: Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe
Visuals and lighting design: Bart van Merode, Zaza Dupont
Performers: MJ Harper, Hanako Hayakawa, Désirée Ceriocién et al
Music: Caterina Barbieri
Production: Toneelhuis
Co-production: Tandem Scène nationale
Diffusion: ART HAPPENS and Toneelhuis collaborate on the diffusion of Shelly Shonk Fiffit

DatePerformanceCity CountryOrganisation/Venue
18.01.2024Shelly Shonk Fiffit  (premiere)Antwerp (be)Toneelhuis
30.01.2024Shelly Shonk FiffitGroningen (nl)SPOT / Stadsschouwburg
07.02.2024Shelly Shonk FiffitRotterdam (nl)Theater Rotterdam
09.02.2024Shelly Shonk FiffitGhent (be)NTGent
10.02.2024Shelly Shonk FiffitGhent (be)NTGent
21.03.2024Shelly Shonk FiffitThe Hague (nl)Het Nationale Theater
26.03.2024Shelly Shonk FiffitDouai (fr)TANDEM scène national Arras-Douai
27.03.2024Shelly Shonk FiffitDouai (fr)TANDEM scène national Arras-Douai
02.04.2024Shelly Shonk FiffitAmsterdam (nl)Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
03.04.2024Shelly Shonk FiffitAmsterdam (nl)Internationaal Theater Amsterdam