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The Romeo

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With his new creation The Romeo, Trajal Harrell wants to create a “what if”, a historical speculation, summed up in a dance style. No one is certain where the dance style originated or who first danced it. It has been around for as long as anyone can remember. It is passed down from generation to generation and through the future. It is through remembering that the dance unearths.

Picture a dance. Let’s call it The Romeo, after Shakespeare’s young lover who, in ignited enthusiasm, believed he could conquer death. Picture this dance, which would be known all over the world, although no one would know when and where it was created. Some would say that it was first danced many centuries ago while herding sheep in an alpine pasture; others might claim to have seen it for the first time at a rural funeral; perhaps it was created during a break in a mine shaft or after an errant shot during a hunt on the North American steppes; or maybe the daughter of a Japanese fisherman danced The Romeo for the first time when her father had reached the safe shore again after a violent storm. No matter where The Romeo might have originated: Picture the dance that people of all origins, genders and generations, of all tempers and moods, perform when they have left their tragedies behind and are just dancing. Trajal Harrell will now bring it on stage. And maybe that’s where the story really begins.

Staging, Choreography, Stage design, Costumes: Trajal Harrell

With New Kyd, Frances Chiaverini, Vânia Doutel Vaz, Maria Ferreira Silva, Rob Fordeyn, Challenge Gumbodete, Trajal Harrell, Thibault Lac, Christopher Matthews, Nasheeka Nedsreal, Perle Palombe, Norel Amestoy Penck, Stephen Thompson, Songhay Toldon, Ondrej Vidlar

Stage Design: Nadja Sofie Eller

Soundtrack: Trajal Harrell, Asma Maroof

Lighting: Stéfane Perraud

Dramaturgy: Miriam Ibrahim, Katinka Deecke

Audience Development: Mathis Neuhaus

Production: Björn Pätz

Production Assistance: Camille Charlotte Roduit

Stage design assistance: Eva Lillian Wagner

Costume Design Assistant: Mona Eglsoer, Monika Annabel Zimmer

Production intern: Maimuna Barry

Inspection: Aleksandar Sascha Dinevski


Production: Schauspielhaus Zürich with the Schauspielhaus Zürich Dance Ensemble
Co-production: Festival d’Avignon, Berliner Festspiele, La Villette Paris, Festival d’Automne à Paris, Holland Festival Amsterdam, Comédie de Genève, La Bâtie-Festival de Genève, La Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand scène nationale, TANDEM Scène national Douai, Singapore International Festival of Arts, December Dance Concertgebouw en Cultuurcentrum Brugge

Diffusion: ART HAPPENS and Schauspielhaus Zürich collaborate on the diffusion of The Romeo

DatePerformanceCity CountryOrganisation/Venue
25.06.2024The RomeoAmsterdam (nl)Holland Festival
26.06.2024The RomeoAmsterdam (nl)Holland Festival
27.06.2024The RomeoAmsterdam (nl)Holland Festival
12.12.2024The RomeoBrussels (be)Kaaitheater / Théâtre national
13.12.2024The RomeoBrussels (be)Kaaitheater / Théâtre national
19.05.2024The RomeoSingapore (sg)Singapore International Festival of Arts
18.05.2024The RomeoSingapore (sg)Singapore International Festival of Arts
21.04.2024The RomeoZurich (ch)Schauspielhaus Zürich
15.02.2024The RomeoDouai (fr)TANDEM scène national Arras-Douai
14.02.2024The RomeoDouai (fr)TANDEM scène national Arras-Douai
12.12.2023The RomeoBruges (be)Concertgebouw
09.12.2023The RomeoParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris & La Villette
08.12.2023The RomeoParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris & La Villette
07.12.2023The RomeoParis (fr)Festival d'Automne à Paris & La Villette
01.12.2023The RomeoClermont-Ferrand (fr)La Comédie de Clermont
30.11.2023The RomeoClermont-Ferrand (fr)La Comédie de Clermont
16.09.2023The RomeoGeneva (ch)La Bâtie - Festival de Genève/Comédie de Genève
15.09.2023The RomeoGeneva (ch)La Bâtie - Festival de Genève/Comédie de Genève
13.08.2023The RomeoBerlin (de)Tanz im August/Berliner Festspiele
12.08.2023The RomeoBerlin (de)Tanz im August/Berliner Festspiele
23.07.2023The RomeoAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
22.07.2023The RomeoAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
20.07.2023The RomeoAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
19.07.2023The RomeoAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
18.07.2023The RomeoAvignon (fr)Festival d'Avignon
22.05.2023The RomeoZurich (ch)Schauspielhaus Zürich
07.05.2023The RomeoZurich (ch)Schauspielhaus Zürich
01.05.2023The RomeoZurich (ch)Schauspielhaus Zürich
30.04.2023The RomeoZurich (ch)Schauspielhaus Zürich
28.04.2023The RomeoZurich (ch)Schauspielhaus Zürich
27.04.2023The RomeoZurich (ch)Schauspielhaus Zürich
16.04.2023The RomeoZurich (ch)Schauspielhaus Zürich
15.04.2023The RomeoZurich (ch)Schauspielhaus Zürich
08.04.2023The RomeoZurich (ch)Schauspielhaus Zürich
03.04.2023The RomeoZurich (ch)Schauspielhaus Zürich
01.04.2023The Romeo  (Premiere)Zurich (ch)Schauspielhaus Zürich