Art Happens



Since September 2018, ART HAPPENS has been a resident of VIERNULVIER at the Vooruit in Ghent. Within this collaboration, ART HAPPENS supports VIERNULVIER by informing international professionals within the performing arts about what is on the agenda at VIERNULVIER. So keep an eye on our newsletter for updates on VIERNULVIER’s projects. There is also a cross-pollination on an artistic level where ART HAPPENS and VIERNULVIER regularly inform each other about the artists they are working with. This allows both ART HAPPENS and VIERNULVIER to support the collaborations even better.

VIERNULVIER is a central platform in a dense network of artists and organisations from a variety of sectors, informed and inspired by a turbulent world and an ever-evolving world of the arts. Maintaining a contemporary vision with respect to the future, Vooruit seeks to facilitate greater cross-pollination between the arts and the local and global communities. We serve both as a welcoming meeting place and as a lab for development, production, presentation, participation and reflection. We continue to build on our proud history of innovation and social engagement.

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