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LAVAGEM — 'LAVAGEM' is a new creation by Alice Ripoll and REC Group and will continue the research of 'aCORdo'. It will again criticize the polarized social reality in Rio de Janeiro and you will recognize some of the performers from 'aCORdo'.

Using buckets, water, soap and lather, the dancers in LAVAGEM by the Brazilian choreographer Alice Ripoll explore the action of scrubbing as a theatrical gesture and historical fact. Their mothers, grandmothers and ancestors worked as cleaners their whole lives, yet it didn’t stop the dominant white caste considering black people dirty. The dancers exploit this ambivalence during the performance in order to produce images. The lather from the soap turns the black bodies white and the bubbles suggest a dreamlike world, yet by its very nature soap is also a source of frustration as it stops them from staying upright, forcing them apart or having to help one another to keep on their feet.

The study of the notion of “cleanliness” gives Ripoll a new opportunity to dissect the polarised reality of Brazilian society where contact between different sections of the population remains extremely tenuous and a sexist, anti-poor and racist social order persists. When asked about the border wall that separates the U.S. and Mexico, Pepe Mujica ironically replied: “Who is going to clean their houses?” It is precisely this that the dancers are challenging while attempting to establish a closer and more direct relationship with the audience in order to overturn social hierarchies and the established relationship between what is happening on stage and the audience. So in LAVAGEM, the questions are: What actually needs to be cleaned? The houses, the dirt in the rooms? Or the sophisticated strategies that aim to make some people become invisible?


The performance has 6 performers (of which 4 are in aCORdo).

The piece premiered at Wiener Festwochen in Vienna on 28 June - 02 July 2021.



Director: Alice Ripoll
Original idea: Alan Ferreira
Performers: Alan Ferreira, Hiltinho Fantástico, Katiany Correia, Rômulo Galvão, Tony Hewerton, Tuany Nascimento
Production Director: Natasha Corbelino | Corbelino Cultural
Production and set assistant: Thais Peixoto
Artistic assistant: Laura Samy
Musical assistant: Rodrigo Maré and Helena Bittencourt
Set designer: Raquel Theo
Costume designer: Paula Ströher
Light designer: Tomas Ribas
Photo's & teaser: Renato Mangolin
Tour planning: ART HAPPENS
Support: Rafael Machado Fisioterapia, Centro Coreográfico do Rio de Janeiro
Coprodution: Kunstenfetivaldesarts, PACT Zollverein, Kaserne Basel, Wiener Festwochen, Julidans, Festival de la Cité Lausanne, Passages Transfestival Metz, Festival d’Automne à Paris, Romaeuropa Festival & Teatro di Roma - Teatro Nazionale
Special thanks to: Sulamita Costa, Juliana França, André Oliveira, Walace Ferreira, Juliete Schultz, Mauricio Lima, Pedro Bento, Thamires Candida, Dilo Paulo, Diewry Patrick, Lenna Santos de Siqueira, Camila Rocha, Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Arnoldo Pereira de Souza, Anita Tandeta, Camila Moura, Renato Linhares, Cecilia Ripoll, Casa de Mystérios e Novidades.