THEATRE — We could hardly imagine it: no mortgages, no knitting scarves, no swimming pools, no butterfly strokes and no more honey kept in glass bowls.

That animals would no longer be stuffed, skyscrapers no longer be built, no more suicide and no mathematics. There would be no more talk about the old days, about what's possible. There would be no more enumerations, no more words.

We could hardly imagine it. It would never get this far. We'd find a solution. A world without us.

Alexander Devriendt
Cast: Valentijn Dhaenens or Karolien De Bleser
Text: Alexander Devriendt, Valentijn Dhaenens, Joeri Smet


Ontroerend Goed in coproduction with Arts Centre Vooruit Gent, Theatre Royal Plymouth & Richard Jordan Productions Ltd.