INSTALLATION/PERFORMANCE — In this dirty art-making practice Michael and Simone invite a collection of commonly understood domestic forms of dirt to confederate and co-perform on a high gloss reflective surface.

With dust, hair, fat, blood, ash, pigment and skin a temporary printing station is activated that pays close attention to qualities of materials, their desires and orientations towards bodies and their transformation through intimacy and movement. With a knowing wink but certain irreverence towards art-historical references they stage a close up enquiry into both the happenstance and determinism of dirt transmission.

Attraction and repulsion are mutual forces that go beyond the surface and play out in this sleazy cleaning/mess making fantasy. In an intensely concentrated environment and companioned by a queer alchemy of materials, Michael and Simone practice touch and the narratives produced by the surplus of touching.


Vestige research accentuates the potentiality and futurity of indelible traces and acts as a response to the so-called ephemerality of performance.


Concept/Performance: Simone Aughterlony & Michael Günzburger

Created within the project DRECK: EIN APPARAT at Ufer Studios Berlin