Simone Aughterlony - Remaining Strangers (New creation)

13/03/2020 — The epidimic is hitting hard, but we're trying to keep going strong! Only a week after her performance of 'Compass' at Tanzplattform Deutschland, together with Petra Hrašćanec & Saša Božic, Simone Aughterlony is now focusing on her new creation 'Remaining Strangers'. She and her crew are full on in rehearsal mode to get ready for the premiere at HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin on 13-17 May!

Remaining Strangers acknowledges the strangeness inherent in every individual and reflects on the host/guest-relationship between strangers. Through the figure of the chameleon they question how this relation will change in our current climactic situation. With the simple means of party chairs and microphones, the performers prepare and MC an ever-shifting event for their guests. Click here for more information on the performance.